About Us


IMG by Lyn Larson at Mahal Imagery

I am Sarah Cone, and I wholeheartedly believe in the power of handmade products and the unique stories they tell. 

I am passionate about connecting artisans with our local community. 

Brick City Market is not just an online home goods shop; it is a platform for artists to showcase their creations.  Every item we stock has been carefully curated, ensuring not only that it meets the highest form of craftsmanship but that it also captures the spirit of the stories you want to tell through your home. 

When you shop with us, you become part of something bigger.  Your purchase not only supports local artists and makers, but it also fosters a deep sense of pride in our community. We believe in the power of human connection and the stories that can be shared through things handmade.

We understand that each item you bring into your home is a reflection of your personal style and your family's values.  Whether you're searching for a one-of-a-kind gift, or the perfect addition to your own collection, we are here, curating that collection with you in mind.

Join us as we connect artisans and community, one handmade creation at a time. Together, we can create something truly extraordinary.